About Us

Father and son, Bob and Shannon Wilson

We are truly independent and can supply and fit any brand of Hearing aid available in Australia. We are accredited to provide services to Pensioners, Veteran Affairs and Workcover clients. Our laboratory manufactures a full range of Sound Design Tech

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We are a one-stop hearing service centre with two convenient locations. We conduct hearing assessments for children over the age of seven,Pensioners, seniors, Industrial testing, Workcover and TAC. FREE hearing services to pensioners under the Office of Hearing Services program.

Hearing Aid Manufacturing

Each hearing aid is built to the individual’s specific need or desire – but there is no need to pay thousands of dollars for this service. We will work with you to meet those wants and needs, and will do

Our Repair Service

Our independent hearing aid repair service lab can repair most hearing aids on the spot or within a few hours. If you have been told you hearing aid can no longer be repaired, bring it in for us to have

Behind The Ear (BTE) types

Behind the ear (B.T.E) For mild to profound hearing loss Larger two-piece hearing aid All components are contained in a case that is worn behind the ear A hard moulded plastic case is worn behind the ear, and a custom-fit

In Ear types

Completely in Canal (CIC) Benefits: Virtually invisible Uses the outer ear to collect sound Good for active people In the Canal Benefits: Small and more power easier to operate Uses the outer ear to collect sound Good for active people

Tinitus Management Hearing Aids

Tinnitus can be defined as ‘the perception of sound in the absence of a stimulus’. Or to the layman ‘an annoying ringing in the ears!’. Tinnitus can vary widely in the type of sound, such as high pitch ringing, to