Hearing testsA Diagnostic Audiological Evaluation consists of hearing threshold and speech testing performed in a sound-treated room to determine whether a hearing loss is medically treatable. The testing measures the degree and defines the type of loss. Advanced procedures are performed to determine the patients comfortable and uncomfortable listening levels to assure proper selection and adjustment of hearing aids.

Tympanometry/Impedance Testing diagnoses conditions of fluid accumulation, perforated eardrum, Eustachian tube dysfunction and other middle ear problems.

Neuro-diagnostic Testing includes a variety of specialised tests to assist physicians in evaluating dizziness, imbalance, tinnitus (head noises), acoustic tumors and other neurological disorders.

Hearing testsA video otoscope makes it possible to view and photograph your outer ear, eardrum

and ear canal. The video otoscope emits light through a fiberoptic cable which is attached

to a hand-held camera. Images of your ear and ear canal are displayed on a full-color monitor.

These images can be output on a special color printer and you can have them sent to your

medical professional for further evaluation.