Digital Hearing Aids with Bluetooth

In the past wearing hearing aids has made it difficult to use various audio devices such as cell phones and Mp3 players to name a few. However with today’s latest digital hearing aids combined with Bluetooth technology has changed the way hearing aid users stay connected. Sound is no longer only delivered as sound waves moving through air. No, today, hearing aid users can receive sound delivered directly to their hearing aids wirelessly from a variety of audio devices.

No more tangled mesh of wires. No more missing out. No more disconnected calls. With Bluetooth wireless technology and the right hearing aids, you stay plugged in even when you’re out of the office and on the road. The signal comes through loud and clear thanks to the latest advancements in digital hearing aid technology.

Hearing Aids and a Bluetooth Streamer

Bluetooth eliminates the need for wires, cables and other “hard connections” that were standard issue on hearing aids just a few years ago. Today, using wireless connectivity and the right ear gear, you’re plugged in all day – on the grid and in touch with business associates, family, friends, and listening to your favorite tunes – wirelessly thanks to the adaptation of Bluetooth wireless technology to hearing aids.

One example comes from leading hearing aid designer, Oticon – a company known by hearing professionals as a leader in innovative hearing solutions. Oticon didn’t just add wireless connectivity to its hearing aid lines, it created an entire line called Oticon ConnectLine – a system that allows Oticon hearing aids to connect with virtually any audio device – cell phones, IPods, PDAs and even TV broadcasts, enabling those of us with hearing loss to enjoy our favorite shows at sound levels that don’t hurt the ears of other viewers in the room.

Oticon’s Bluetooth Streamer, the most important part of the ConnectLine, picks up wireless signals from an array of sources and delivers them directly to your hearing aids wirelessly. In effect, there’s seamless connectivity between the wireless world and your hearing aids. You stay plugged in anywhere. EVERYWHERE